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Due to a system overload in the Virtual Reality Platform where we had constructed the exhibition, we are experiencing some issues. So we took off the ceiling ! Now we have a open-air exhibition. Sorry about that !

While it charges, please be patient, there are 124 Artworks created by 35 artists from 22 countries.
Or in the meanwhile you can see the suite of the exhibition here below

We Are 

We are abstract beauties, psychological explorers, or deep civilization observers.
We are conceptual producers, curious minds, aesthetic wanderers. 
We are hope and love. We have a future and a powerful heart. 
We are very aware of our bodies, our interpretation is real or some times it goes further. 
We are life creators. We let our emotions nourish us as much as all earth foods, sky, water, caves, fire.
We are visual poets, we deal with matter and we transform, geometry, mathematics, music, and philosophy. 
We are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends. We persist. We dare. We have a holistic conscience.
We are warriors, we call for peace and we have tender souls. 
We are goddesses or housewives, we have experienced war and the forces of nature.
We are fierce women with strong desires or calm devotions
We are survivors, with or without fear. We need to defend or let go. 
We are talented, alive, and seriously present. 
We are young and we are significant, we are older and we are vital and essential.
We are all this and all that we cannot say… 

 … So we paint, sculpt, dance, invent, capture, and render. We knit, sew, or fly. We blow, hammer, or caress. We imagine and we do, we accomplish, we produce, we fight, we work, we challenge, we protect, we resist and inspire. We come from all over the planet, we speak different languages, and yet we do understand each other perfectly.  

We are woman, we are artists, we are here. 

The suite of the exhibition is here

Artist guest of honor

Gilah Yelin Hirsch

A reflection on the nature of happiness
Gilah Yelin Hirsch TEDx Thimphu

Communicating happiness. Hirsch’s work spans the realms of art, architecture, film, theology, philosophy, cross‐cultural medicine and psychiatry, psychoneuroimmunology, anthropology of consciousness, science of consciousness and world culture. She has received numerous grants and awards including the National Endowment for the Arts, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellowship, and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine’s Elmer and Alyce Green award for her “innovative blending of science and art revealing existing relation-ships between forms in nature, in human psychology, and those present universally in all alphabets.” While Hirsch resides in Venice, California and holds the position of Professor of Art at CSUDH (Los Angeles), her work requires frequent and extensive travels worldwide. As both artist and scientist, she has devoted her life to the investigation of image as a psychoneurological tool for healing both body and mind.

Gilah Yelin Hirsch, On the nature of happiness

Lia V. Dominguez “Constelaciones” video

The constellations work is drawing and dance, which through photography shows us the original form of cinema and video: movement by frames.
Constellations are a group of stars that, through imaginary lines, give shape to a drawing that refers to a certain figure. The stars do not have a real association with each other and can even be located hundreds of light-years away, the constellations are a human construction according to each culture. Formerly it was used to locate itself in time and space, a travel guide, a reminder of the harvest and rite calendar, of the seasons of the year. But above all the reading of the night sky and imagination, constellations are a mystery, a space without limits, to create star unions and, with them, drawings that express the environment.

Lia V. Dominguez “Constelaciones”

Eco Pola (Ana Paula Portilla) “J’attends la pluie”, Video

J’attends la pluie” 2020 (I wait for the rain) is an artwork in interactivity with the forces of nature. The action is recorded in the video as the painting suffers from the weather, in this case the lack of rain, the different layers of paint dries too quickly because of the sun. By working with water to simulate the enjoyment of the fulfilled desire of a forecast change in the weather, grey clouds of paint provoke the rain to come and relieve us as a wish that came true. Art has the power to trigger a transformation in the elements.

EcoPola’s art work develops both in painting and in the creation of art installations with different techniques (realism, expressionism or textile art according to the expressive needs, as well as experimentations with diverse materials such as skin, pigments or natural fibers). 

Her themes deal with feminine and sacred subjects, about the traces we leave in nature, about memory and matter. Her work is very close to the intuitive, almost prehistoric and timeless impulses of our relationship with the world. She explores the vision next to smell and touch as wild and innate aspects of our creativity, and the notion of a suspended time in relativity with our own body. She explores the concept of “Art Total” and the approach of time pictorially. She has collaborated with great music composers such as Gerard Pape (NY composer) or with Mark Deutsch (creator of the unique Bazantar instrument, San Fco. Ca.). At present she works on the representation of emotions and sentiments, their link in the body, natural phenomena and the perception of our own inner weather (storms, breezes, clouds, floods, fogs, hurricanes, etc.). 

She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Siria, Germany, Australia, Japan, Serbia and the USA. She is the founder of Matriz Woman Artist. 

J’attends la pluie, EcoPola 2020

Valentina Gaia Lops “Quarantined of the world”

Quarantined Of The World is a photo series documenting people’s experience of quarantine around the globe during Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The project was born as a creative outlet inspired by the experience of confinement of the artist who interviews and virtually photographs her subjects via video-communication. All portraits include glimpses into the life of strangers. Taken together, these photographs and captions offer a remarkable socio-psychological representation of human behaviour throughout a global pandemic that is changing the course of human history.

Valentina Gaia Lops is an Italian multidisciplinary artist. Originally rooted in visual and performance arts, her work often explores the complexity and uniqueness of human behaviour. She is most known for her activism, for addressing LGBTQI+, mental health and human rights themes, and for directly involving communities in her work, making art accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. She works internationally and is currently based in Dublin, Ireland.


CValentina Gaia Lops


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