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With you dialogue show where female member artist recommends male artists to expose with. Let’s just break the ice.
Applications OPEN now deadline November 20th, 2020 at midnight (Cancun timezone)

Send us your dossier with a male artist and tell us why your artworks work so well together.

You can join our Facebook page (you have to become a member first) to meet other artists and start an artistic dialog. This artistic dialog will be published in a book (a selection will be made). Any topic can be treated: relationships between a woman and a male artist, formal aesthetic topics in both female and male artworks… anything that can advance the gap and understanding of both art practices: from the woman and male point of view. Let’s break the ice ^^

Online exhibition & book about female and male artistic dialogs

– Up to 5 images in jpg each, artists’ statements, CVs, and a letter telling us why this collaboration is meaningful for you.
Submit your dossier to :

Please note that there will be a little fee of 50 usd if selected.
This fee is not about profiting from artists but about giving us tools to continue existing and offer opportunities to artists.

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